Client Stories

Jessica's Journey to Renewed Vitality

Jessica faced a challenging list of ailments: fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, depression, joint pain, COPD, an alcohol problem, and low energy. Despite the odds stacked against her, Jessica held onto the belief that she could find a path to recovery, even if she didn’t know how.

After her first session, Jessica described her experience as feeling like she had been hit by a car. It was a full session, marked by intense emotional release, and the physical toll didn’t come as a surprise. However, she persevered through those difficult days and returned with a remarkable transformation. The pain that had plagued her began to dissipate, and her once-bubbly self reemerged.

Over the course of seven dedicated months, Jessica continued her sessions diligently. To her astonishment, most of her ailments began to vanish, and she was able to discontinue her medication. Not only did she shed 20 pounds, but her newfound vitality also invigorated her relationship with her husband, making it even stronger and more intimate. Jessica now had the energy to spend quality time with her beautiful children and had even started volunteering to help others.

Jessica’s story is nothing short of astonishing, a testament to the power of determination, healing, and the remarkable journey she embarked upon to reclaim her health and renew her vitality.

Anne's Revelation to a Fulfilled Life

Anne was overwhelmed by her business, working tirelessly and constantly worrying about finances. Then, her husband received a cancer diagnosis, and her alcoholic brother moved in after losing his home. Juggling the care of everyone left her feeling drained, unable to continue.

In the midst of her turmoil, Anne had a session that prompted a life-altering decision: she chose to end her marriage. Though far from an easy choice, she recognized that her marriage had faltered long before her husband’s illness. In pursuit of her own happiness, Anne also decided to close her business. While she possessed a unique talent in her craft, running a business no longer appealed to her. She found contentment in simply indulging in her passion as a skilled craftsman.

With time, Anne remarried and found her love for pottery. Her life transformed into the peaceful and quiet existence she had always yearned for.

Sarah's Journey to Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Success

Sarah, now in her forties, had battled anxiety since her school days. For a long time, she sought help from a counselor, but she eventually hit a wall in her mental state and decided it was time for a change. She had always felt uneasy during holiday family gatherings, especially when hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Despite her reluctance, family obligations often placed her in the hosting role.

However, a remarkable transformation occurred in Sarah’s life. She found a newfound sense of peace, conquering the holiday anxieties that had plagued her for years. Simultaneously, she achieved significant success in her career, marking a turning point in her journey.

As her anxiety began to dissolve, Sarah decided to address another challenge: improving her public speaking skills. Although she didn’t experience nervousness when speaking in front of people, she had a persistent habit of using ‘um’ too frequently in her speeches. Surprisingly, energy balancing played a key role in her progress. Sarah shared that her boss was thrilled with her performance, and the pesky ‘um’ had vanished without her even consciously trying.

Sarah’s story serves as a testament to her resilience in overcoming anxiety and achieving success while embracing personal growth.