About Me

Manami Workman

Once upon a time, I found myself trapped in a world of pain after a car accident. It felt like a daily battle against a relentless ache that made everything a struggle. I desperately wanted to feel better, but nothing seemed to work, and I was stuck in a negative victim mindset.

Then one day, I stumbled upon a blog discussing something called “energy work.” It sounded mysterious and offered hope of finding relief from the constant pain. But I had no clue what it was or if it could actually help. I called the office, seeking answers, but even after hearing all the details, I couldn’t quite grasp what it was all about.

Yet, something inside me urged me to give this unknown thing a shot. So, following my intuition, I decided to attend an energy work course in New York City. I brought my mother along to babysit my toddlers, and stepping into that place felt like entering a world of magic, filled with strange and intriguing concepts I had never encountered before.

Initially, I had doubts about whether this class would make any difference. On the first day, skepticism whispered that it might be just another futile attempt like everything else I had tried before. But as I engaged in the activities and absorbed the teachings, something remarkable began to unfold. Slowly but surely, I started comprehending this new realm of energy. I sensed a change within me, like tiny lights flickering to life, although doubts still lingered.

During a class session, a fellow student asked me if I had something that I wanted to work on, such as pain. Even though I did have pain, I didn’t really believe she could help me with that, so I picked the sole of my foot, which had experienced occasional discomfort and slight pain. She practiced on me, and I did not notice any difference during the class because I did not walk around, plus it was very subtle. After the class, as I walked back to my hotel, I noticed something incredible—I was walking without any pain or discomfort in my foot. I hadn’t even realized that I had been experiencing that pain as part of my daily life. I had considered it “slight pain” sometimes, but it had been a constant presence. That moment marked the opening of a door to my ‘new normal.’

I felt liberated, as if a heavy fog that had surrounded me for a decade had suddenly lifted. It was a feeling of pure joy and relief, something I hadn’t known in a long time. From that day onward, I knew that the course I had taken had transformed my life forever.


My mission is to provide relief, encouragement, and transformation, utilizing my gift of organization, I help people travel light on their journey, guiding individuals toward unlimited possibilities, joy, and health within the tapestry of their daily lives.


I am the only certified Integrated Healing practitioner in Virginia since 2013, and I am a certified Multi-Dimensional Kinesiology healer since 2022. I hold certifications as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healing practitioner (2019), as well as Touch for Health Levels I & II (2020).I embarked on my journey into Biofield Tuning with a class in 2021, and I continuously enhance my skills through ongoing Multi-Dimensional Kinesiology training since 2022.