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Energy healing helps you to detach unnecessary emotions and meanings from your daily experiences, ultimately bringing clarity and peace.

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My integrated approach offers effective support for various conditions, including:










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I'm grateful you're here.

I understand that you’ve been through a lot, facing physical pain, emotional scars, relationship challenges, and the weight of life’s burdens. You’ve struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, and the pursuit of happiness. I want you to know that you’ve done remarkably well to endure all of this.

I’m here to offer you a way to rediscover the joy you may have forgotten and lighten the load you’ve been carrying for so long. You may be wondering, “What is energy healing?”—a question I once had myself.

Manami Workman, Energy Healer in Newport News, Virginia

What others say...

It was unbelievable, Manami! I was so tired of all the fears that I had for 42 years. I got to connect with my inner child and it feels so good that I can always talk to her. I feel like everything will be changing (and I feel like it has been changing!). I have joy and I am full of excitement about life. My inner child is the best, but you are the best because you brought the best out of me. Thank you so much and I am so grounded and each day is full of fun and total joy. Amazing!


I just can't say enough about what Ms. Manami Workman has done for me. A few months ago I was stuck. I had been in a deep depression for over five years. I went to see Manami for help with my chronic pain, I have RA, Lupus and fibromyalgia. I didn't expect a complete change in my mental state. The first session was rough, I had so much negative energy blocking me from feeling the bliss that I didn't know was even possible. It took several days to recover, and the second session was easier, and it just got better from there. I feel so light and I look at things from a new perspective. I wish I had met her sooner. She's literally changed my life forever. 💜💜💜


It took me some time to write this review because I am still digesting our session and witnessing Manami’s guidance become even more relevant as the weeks pass. The energy work she performed was very powerful, palpable and needed, as I was at the peak of a health crisis. She said all the things regarding my health, habits and personal life that needed to be said and wisely navigated my words to get to the core of what I was attempting to express. She followed up with me after our appointment with notes from her intuitive guidance and helpful recommendations. I highly recommend Energy Workman and I look forward to our next meeting.


I am so grateful for the sessions that I’ve had with Manami!! This gentle work has been exactly what I’ve needed. Oftentimes I’ve come to her tired and weary; needing guidance and support and I leave feeling energized and ready to take on the next adventure. I know this work has made me a better person, more in tune partner and a more heart centered mother. We’ve also done telephone sessions which has been very fulfilling. This work has made a huge difference in my life and has given me the courage to make the best decisions for myself and my family. Highly recommend!!!


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